Sunday School


LIFE Sunday School

We believe that Sunday School serves 4 main purposes:

L- To Learn Together
I- Including All Who Come
F- Finding Others Who Need To Know
E- Emerging For Ministry

Our Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. 

We have classes for all ages from the nursery to adult electives. 

Join us for a time of fellowship and learning!



Welcome to Sunday School

First Assembly of God – Cocoa

SPRING Quarter 2017


Come Join Us

As We Learn God’s Words Together

Sunday’s 9:30 AM





Carol Canham, Elective #1, Room 6, Youth Room, FLC

The Era of the Judges

Paul’s Journeys: Acts, Part 2

Lois Belflower, Elective #2, Room 8, Sanctuary Building Downstairs, Kitchen Wing

The Armor of God

Marina Rosario, Elective #3, Room 12, Upstairs, Sanctuary Building

Rock Solid, Growing Through Becoming – Book #1

(New Converts Class)

Nick Sbano, Elective #4, Room 13, Upstairs, Sanctuary Building

Rock Solid, Growing Through Becoming – Book #1

(New Converts Class)

25 North (The Millenniums)

Jeff & Nancy Kleinman, Room 4, FLC

Crossroads (College & Career)

Kelly Ray, Elective #5, Connections Café


Brandy and Chuck Crisafulli, Room 1, FLC


Young Teens (5th to 8th Grades)

Martha Truscott, Room 3, FLC


Unsung Heroes

Miracles of Christ

Countering The Culture

Middlers (3rd & 4th Grades)

Pam Perez, Nursery Wing, Room 4

Jesus, Our Savior

Future Events

Growing Spiritually

Primary (1st & 2nd Grades)

Michele Athman 

Nursery Wing, Room 5

Stories of Elijah

Stories about Easter
Stories of Elisha 

Kindergarten (5 & 6 Year Olds)

Judi Glaudel, Nursery Wing, Room 6

Bible Kings

Jesus Defeats Death

Bible Heroes

Preschool (3 & 4 Year Olds)

Taylor Addington, Nursery Wing, Room 1

Jesus Tells Stories

Jesus, My Savior

Jesus, My Healer

Kingdom Kids Nursery (Infant – 3 Years)

Nancy Montgomery

Nursery Wing, Room 2


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