Evangelism Explosion Course
The Evangelism Explosion Ministry will equip and enable you to lead someone to the Lord. The average person can no more learn to evangelize in a classroom than he can learn to fly an airplane in the living room. Evangelism Explosion will provide the missing link of modern evangelistic training, which was so thoroughly provided by Christ, which is “on-the-job” training.

During the 13 units of training, you will see the Gospel presented many times and see a number of people come to profess their faith in the Lord. You will participate in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. (Matthew 28:16-19)   Evangelism Explosion has put together the Gospel Outline, scriptures and illustrations to memorize and recall the plan of salvation.


May this EE training become one of the greatest growth experiences of your life!


Come join us and be equipped as an effective soul winner and disciple!

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