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Nothing happens without prayer.


Prayer Request & Praise Reports! 

Your prayer requests are important to us! Please take a moment to send us your request, and we will add it to our prayer lists. For prayer requests on the Prayer Warriors Chain, call Rose Mary Unger at 321-632-5228 Ext. 23 or cell nbr 321-360-2383.  Prayer request calls are made between 8:00AM and 9:00PM.  EMERGENCIES ARE CALLED AT ANY TIME to cell nbr 321-360-2383.  If your need further assistance, feel free to call the church office at 321-632-5228


How to pray for your Pastor

Dan Reiland’s book, Shoulder to Shoulder – Strengthening Your Church By
Supporting Your Pastor, contains the following well thought through, simple and
practical plan that will help you pray effectively for your pastor.  This weekly prayer
plan can be done in just a few minutes a day.
Monday:  Pray for your pastor’s family
  • God’s peace and protection
  • A growing love relationship with his/her spouse
  • A commitment to quality time together
Tuesday:  Pray for wisdom for your pastor
  • The mind of Christ
  • Godly decision-making
  • Understanding of biblical truth

Wednesday:  Pray for your pastor’s ministry focus

  • Clear Vision
  • Commitment to biblical priorities
  • Remain true to his/her God-given gifts and strengths

Thursday:  Pray for your pastor’s health

  • Protection of his/her body and mind
  • An extra portion of stamina and strength
  • Commitment to stress-releasing activity

   Friday:  Pray for your pastor’s spiritual growth

  • A heart for God and the lost
  • Fresh biblical insights
  • Personal devotions not related to sermon preparation

Saturday:  Pray for your pastor’s purity

  • Pure motives
  • Pure thought-life faithfulness to his/her spouse
  • Pure commitment to complete integrity

Sunday:  Pray for God’s anointing on your pastor

  • Strength in leadership
  • Passion in preaching
  • Fruit and joy in ministry
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