Weekly Schedule    



  • Sunday School                                                         9:30am
  • Worship & Sermon  –  Onsite & Online                      10:30am
      Kid’s Church, 6-12 year olds (upstairs)
  • Youth                                                                      6:30pm
      *Nursery Provided up to 3 year olds  


  • Men’s Bible Study, FLC                                             6:30pm


  • *Bible Study—Sanctuary                                          7:00pm
           Royal Rangers—FLC
           Mpact Girls Clubs—Sanctuary Building
          *Nursery Provided up to 3 year olds.  


  • Youth                                                                     6:30pm
  • Ladies Bible Study                                                 10:00am


  • Prayer in the Sanctuary                                          6:00am
SUNDAY LIFE GROUPS – As Of AUGUST 2021 – All Classes Postponed
Nick Sbano, Elective #1
Youth Room FLC
The Prophecies of Daniel
The Gospel in Galatians
Lois Belflower, Elective #2
Kitchen Wing, downstairs Sanctuary Building
  • The Book of Signs (By Dr. David Jeremiah
Marina Rosario, Elective #3
Room 12 Upstairs Sanctuary
  • Rock Solid, Growing Through Knowing (New Converts Class)
Elective #4
Room 13 Upstairs Sanctuary
  • Rock Solid, Growing Through Becoming (New Converts Class)
 Rose Mary Unger, Elective #5   (En Español – In Spanish)
Las Profecías de Daniel
El Evangelio de Gálatas
(The Millenniums)
Jeff & Nancy Kleinman
Room 4, FLC
(College and Careers)
Kelly Ray
Elective#5, Connections Cafe
Alex Swaffield
Room 1, FLC
  • One Way
  • Living as a Christian in a secular world
  • Radical Words: Hard Sayings of Jesus


(7th & 8th Grades)
Martha Truscott (Room 3 FLC)
  • Staying Connected
  • It’s Time (Esther)
  • World Changers: Missions
PRE-TEEN (5th & 6th Grades)
Mary Lynn Hall 
Nursery Wing,Room 4 Sanctuary Building
  • Faith
  • My Choices
  • Books of Minor Prophets
MIDDLERS (3rd & 4th Grades)
Pat Wood
Nursery Wing, Room 4 Sanctuary Building
  • Who is God
  • God’s Care
  • God’s Power
PRIMARY (1st & 2nd Grades)
Michele Athman 
Nursery Wing, Room 5 Sanctuary Building
  • Jesus Has Power to Heal
  • Jesus Has All Power
  • Jesus’ Power Shows His Love

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